If you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, you should act quickly and hire a reputable DUI lawyer to defend you. Being convicted for drunken driving can leave a severe mark on your name and affect every aspect of your life. You can lose your job or future job opportunities, you can jeopardize your professional license and similar. A DUI conviction can also affect your life emotionally and financially. Often, hefty fines and court fees have to be paid, and they leave your wallet empty when you least need it. The only way to get out of this complicated situation with minimum penalties is to hire a professional to help you.

Nathan J. Dineen Attorney at Law is a top-rated Wisconsin DUI Lawyer. He has the knowledge and reputation you are looking for. His aggressive approach and strong negotiation skills can help you reduce your sentence or even have your DUI charges dropped. This professional will explain your rights to you and navigate your through the legal system. He has the right skills and experience to bring you the most positive outcome of the case. Read on to learn why is crucial to have a reputable professional by your side.

Understanding Complex DUI Laws and Scientific Background of Drunk Driving Cases

If you don’t hire a lawyer in time, you might lose an otherwise winnable case. In case you lose, you may have to serve jail time, pay hefty fines and costs and face severe driver license sanctions. Drunk driving defense is one of the most complex areas of criminal law practice, and only the very best professionals in the field can handle these cases properly. A quality lawyer can challenge the evidence they have against you or examine the gathered evidence in order to find something that might be useful to build a strong defense in the court. For example, breathalyzer results can be disproved if you have burped during the test. In some cases, field sobriety tests can also be disproved. Basically, everything depends on the skills of your lawyer.

chicago-second-dui-defense-lawyersAn amateur may have a hard time understanding complex legal terminology related to driving under the influence. However, a professional has like Nathan J. Dineen Attorney at Law has DUI laws at his fingertips. He also understands that in order to build a solid defense, a drunk driving case requires a comprehensive scientific background. It is also important to mention that drunk driving laws constantly change and that amateurs have a hard time to keep up with all those changes. Experienced and reputable attorneys are always the first one to know the major and latest changes in DUI laws, such as sobriety court law and similar. If you don’t keep up with these changes and updates, you may have a hard time handling drunk driving cases from start to finish. With changes coming this quickly, it’s impossible for anyone but a specialist to keep up.


vdauy-960x540As we already mentioned, besides being familiar with complex laws, you also have to understand the complex science behind DUI evidence. For example, every drunk driving case involves a chemical test. If a lawyer doesn’t have a thorough understanding of the science behind this test, he will not be able to defend you properly. Nathan J. Dineen Attorney at Law has disproved a number of chemical tests by convincing the jury that the provided results are not 100% reliable. Drunk driving cases are among the most difficult to defend, and you want to get the best possible results, you must opt only for a top drunk driving defense lawyer.