When you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, your sentence and punishment mostly depend on the consequences of your act, as well as your BAC level. For example, if this is your first DUI, you may only get a misdemeanor. However, if you had caused severe physical injuries to other people, you have to serve a jail sentence. No matter what is the case, there is no way you will be able to handle the case without proper legal help. Nathan J. Dineen Attorney at Law is a qualified, professional and experienced Wisconsin DUI Lawyer who will fight the case on your behalf. He will present facts and gathered evidence in your favor and try to negotiate dealings in such a way that your sentence or penalties are reduced as much as possible. In certain cases, depending on specific circumstance, you can even be relieved of all the charges.

Expertise of DUI Laws and Regulations


DUI laws are very complicated and often changed or updated every six months. Only an experienced attorney is able to keep up with these changes and regularly update his drunk driving defense strategies. Many people make a mistake by hiring a professional that is not specialized in DUI cases. It is true that almost any attorney can prepare the pleadings on your behalf and get hearings allotted for you from the court. However, this is not even close enough to win the case or reduce your penalties. Only a knowledgeable, experienced and specialized DUI professional, such as Nathan J. Dineen Attorney at Law can examine the evidence gathered against you and challenge them in court. In many cases, the evidence that was first against you, can be turned into your favor. When an individual is charged for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, he or she has to undergo a series of tests that will be used as evidence in court. The most important tests are like breath tests, blood tests and sobriety tests. Chemical tests, such as blood, urine or breath test has complex science behind them that must be properly understood. An experienced DUI lawyer will spot loopholes in these tests if there are ones and possibly disprove the results in court. Disproving the tests often leads to drunk driving charges being dropped.

Navigation through the Legal System

It is not easy to navigate yourself through complicated DUI laws and legal system. However, if you hire Nathan J. Dineen Attorney at Law, he can present your important facts and evidence to the court and build a strong defense. Lawyers specialized in driving under the influence are well versed in all local laws and regulations that may help the client win the case. Hiring an attorney near you is a big bonus because he may find loopholes in local regulations you never know existed.


Have in mind that a DUI can leave a great mark on your name and lead to severe professional, financial and even emotional consequences. Don’t allow to have a mark in your driving history that may jeopardize your future. A DUI lawyer will fight in your behalf in the court and help you make the right decision along the way in order to obtain the most favorable outcome in the case.